The following rules apply to ticket purchases by university students

We offer festival passes with discounted prices to students and student union members at Umeå Universitet and SLU Umeå. Student union members recieves even better prices than studens who are not a member in a student union.


* The one who attends the festival needs to show a valid student ID at the ticket to wristband pickup at the festival in order to recieve the discount. ”Mecenatkort” (not high school), "UMU-kort” och ”Studentkortet” (not high school) are valid student IDs.


* The student union attached to Brännbollsyran are Umeå Studentkår, NTK and Umeå Medicinska Studentkår. Cards with a student union membership from these unions are valid in order to get a diswcount. Digital cards are ok.

* You must study with a minimum of 50% at Umeå Universitet or SLU Umeå (due to the cancellation of Brännbollsyran 2020 and 2021, it is ok if you studied during 2020 or the spring of 2021).

* You can only recieve one discount with every purchase. If you want to buy more than one ticket with student discount, then you have to make an additional individual purchase.

* A ticket surcharge of 99 SEK will be added to festival passes.

* General rules and terms for ticket purchases to Brännbollsyran are found HERE.

Student discounts


Discounts for for students at Umeå Univeristy

Age: 18+

Read more about conditions and rules for student passes HERE

Prices for students who ARE members of a student union:

Prices for university students whoISin corps:

Use the discount code "kar2023":