Info where you can buy official brännboll bats and balls

You can buy official brännboll bats and balls at the store Nollnitti in Umeå. Nollnitti has two stores in Umeå, one at Avion Shopping Centre and one in the city centre. There are three different types of brännboll bats: yellow, blue and purple. The yellow bat is lighter, the blue bat is heavier and the purple bat is a more exclusive lighter bat made with accoya wood from New Zeeland. Unfortunally, we don't offer a webshop for delivery to the rest of Sweden at the moment.


Yellow brännboll bat - 299 SEK

Blue brännboll bat - 299 SEK

Purple brännboll bat - 399 SEK

Ball - 45 SEK

Facebook page for Nollllnitti is found HERE