Culture & Values
We want to be more than a festival

Dare to care

Brännbollsyran is part of the RFSU initiative Dare To Care since 2019. Dare To Care is a encouring investment for mutuality in all sexual meetings and against sexual assault - within the live music world and everywhere. By educating festival promoters, be visable at live music events and spred the message through sociala media, Dare To Care wants to spread its message and create a a positive live culture. Dare To Care wants to implement two behaviours: how you handle limits and how you can become an active spectator if you see something wrong. If we can we develop these two behviours, then we can get a mutuality culture at the festival which we later can transfer to the society in general.


The most important issue for Dare To Care is that you as a visitor feel safe at festivals no matter gender, sexuality, religion or etnicity. We have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination at our festival, both at the festival area and on our social media. Incidents involving discrimination will be reported to the police and you will be banned from the festival. Brännbollsyran is about 100% love, fore live music, festivals and each other.


Dare to act. Dare to care. Spread love, not hate.


Brännbollsyran leaves a mark .You notice it at your new found friends, your sneaker which are not that white anymore, the exercise pain in your legs after your homerun, your playlists which has grown or the feeling in your stomach when you have met a new love in your life. Something you might not notice are our emissions.


Just like most festivals in the world, Brännbollsyran has an impact on the environment. We as promoters always try to find new ways to lower our emissions. During the last years, we have only used 100% recyclable disposable items, major investment within recycling of bottles and other waste and new techincal inventions with stage lighting and confetti. Since 2019 we collaborate with Sweden's festival and sustainability bureau LiveGreen. LiveGreen supports us within the evaluation of the festival.


With this said, we aim to do even more. We must take other initiatives and come up with new innovative ideas for future festival goers. Just the thought of future generations not be able to attend festivals is freighting.



Brännbollsyran loves assosiations. Our organisation is based from the assosiation environment and want to support other assosiations. We believe assosiations are an important part of life where young and old people meet.


Since the start, we have collaborated with different assosiations in order to execute the festival. We use different assosiations as our work force and thereby giving the assosiations an important economic boost in order for them to continue their work. Brännbollsyran is the most important income for these assosiations. It feels great for us to support assosiations in Umeå. 


No assosiations, no Brännbollsyran.