Register your team to the world cup of brännboll. It will be a memory for life.

Participate together with over 300 other teams and thousands of players in this epic event. No matter if your aiming for the gold or just want to have fun, everybody is welcome to participate in the cup. This will be a lovely memory for the rest of your life and maybe your only chance to participate within a world championship. The team registration is open


Team registration for the cup

* The team must consist of 8-12 players, of which at least 3 girls and 3 boys.

* The team chooses a playing time that takes about 3 hours. All group matches are played during that time. Winning teams (sometimes two teams) advance to the playoffs on Saturday / Sunday.

* NOTE: No information about the players in the team needs to be reported when registering in addition to the person and contact information about the team announcer.

* Registration for the team costs nothing, but all players must have purchased some variant of festival pass (GA, Youth, Premium) and wear the bracelet during all matches. Even 1-day festival passes are OK even if it is not the same day. It is also possible to buy a "Player Pass" instead and wear that bracelet instead. Player Pass costs SEK 250 for Youth (under 18 years)  and SEK 350 for over 18 years and can be purchased under "Tickets".


* For the sake of other teams, it is important to appear as a registered team. For teams that do not show up for the group game, the team leader is invoiced SEK 1,000.  Until 2 May, teams can be unsubscribed free of charge to

* If you want to participate in the new Youth Cup, select the playing times marked "Youth Cup". All players in the teams participating in the Youth Cup must be born between 2003 and 2008.  Read more about the Youth Cup below.

Youth Cup

For Brännbollsyran 2022 it's the premiere of Youth Cup.  It's the cup for you born 2003 to 2008. Gather your class, your group of friends or your football team and challenge the other youth teams to be the best young team in the world in Brännboll. You win the title of winner of the Youth Cup, a festive team dinner, and a place in the 32-part final of the playoffs for Brännbollsyran. Note that you can participate in both the regular cup and the Youth Cup (in the event of a collision in the playoffs, you must choose one of the teams).

* The group game is played on Friday 3 June 09.00-12.00. The group game takes a total of about 3 hours where your team plays three matches and rests for three matches. The best team goes on to the playoffs. The playoffs will be decided on Friday 3 June 16.00-18.00.

* The same rules and costs otherwise apply as for regular cups.