Rules for ticket purchases, festival entrance, The Camp and Brännbollsyran Hotel

Ticket purchases


The following rules applies for ticket purchases:

  • The ticket holder agrees to appear in videos and photos and social media at the festival area and cup area for commerical purposes. Photos/videos will not be removed for any reason and no compensation claims will be approved.

  • The ticket holder agrees to be monitored by camera surveilence at the festival area.

  • The ticket is for the whole festival, not a single concert. In case of a delay, change in set times or cancellation, there will be no compensation to the ticket holder.

  • The promoter works to create a safe environment at the festival and cup area. With that said, the ticket holder enters the festival at his/hers own risk. The promoter does not compensate for any injuries and crime at the festival area.

  • If the festival has to close or are unable to open due to strikes, electricity faillure, mechanical problems, closed airports, terror threats, bomb threats, pandemics, extreme weather, sudden diseases/injuries of key personell at the festival management or important suppliers, the ticket holders will not be compensated. Brännbollsyran reserves the right to change the dates and location for the festival and cup.

  • If the festival can't take place on September 2-4, 2021 due to the ongoing pandemic, the festival will move to a new date in 2022. In this case, the ticket to Brännbollsyran 2020 or Brännbollsyran 2021 will be valid to 2022 instead.

  • Violent behaviour, tress passing, possession of illicit items, inappropriate behavior, dangerous behavior, alcohol or drugs intoxication could lead you to be rejected from the festival area or cup area. The safety staff makes this assesment and it can't be appealed. You will not be compensated if you get rejected from the festival area.

  • Unauthorized commerce or advertisement are forbidden on and around the festival area and cup area without written consent from the promoter.

  • All forms of sexual harrasment or violence leads to lifetime ban to enter the festival.

The festival entrance

* Ticket holders are allowed in and out of the festival area as they please. We don't recommend this as it creates unnecessary queues at the entrance. 

* The festival entrance closes 1.30 am

* Disabled visitors enter via the premium entrance at the festival. The assistance needs a assistance ID.

The following are forbidden to bring into the festival: 

* All forms of liquid

* Food

* Chairs

* Objects that can be used as a weapon

* Drugs

* Pyro, firecrackers and bengal fire

* Lazer pointers

* Glass bottles

* Animals

* Sound systems

* DSLR/SLR cameras

* Parfume & deoderant 

The following are allowed to bring into the festival: 

* Empty plastic bottles (only transperant)

* Make up

* Chewing gum

* Tobacco

* Vapes

* Binoculars

* Medicine and diabetes nails

The Camp

The following are forbidden to bring into The Camp: 

• No guests without The Camp wristbands are allowed at The Camp. Each The Camp visitor has to have a wristband. You pay for a person, not for a tent.

• The Camp wristband can only be bought to The Camp guests.

• No music during the night after the festival (after midnight).

• Portable toilets and water are available at The Camp.

• You have to be at least 15 years old. ID check at the entrance.

• You can pitch you tent where you like at The Camp all though we reserve the right to move you if we need for some reason.

• Fire ban. No grills.

• No spray cans / hairs pray due to fire risk.

• No furniture are allowed.

• No music amplifiers connected to car batteries / generators.

• Just tents, no caravans or RVs at The Camp (they shalll be at The Camp Caravan)

• Party tents äre ok if there is room.

• No pets.

• Throw trash in trash cans or litter bags. Thank you! Alll guests recieves a litter bag when they check in.

• We are not responsible for stolen items. Found items will be handed to The Camp entrance and thereafter to the police in Umeå.

• No knives, pepper spray, drugs.

• If you don't follow the rules and obey our staff, you will be thrown out and have your festival wristband removed.

• Have FUN!

Brännbollsyran Hotel

* Only residents at Brännbollsyran Hotel have access to the hotel. Residents at the hotel recieves a hotel wristband at check in.


* Residents at Syd only has access to Syd, not Plaza. Residents at Plaza only has access to Plaza, not Syd.