The Official Festival camping

The Camp is for the festival goer who wants to experience the classic old school festival feeling. The camping is located at the beautiful Hedlundadungen just beside the festival entrance. By staying at The Camp, you get access to showers, water toilets, cell phone charging, cloakroom and food vendors. Pre-pitched tents are also available via Festitent for a fee. The Camp Caravan is also available for caravans and RVs.




Signalvägen 3, Umeå

Opening hours:

Opens: Friday June 3 – 15.00

Closes: Monday June 6 – Noon

Service at The Camp:

• Access to showers and water toilets during certain times at Nolia Ishall.

Friday June 3 - 16.00-18.00

Saturday June 4 - 10.00-13.00 & 16.00-18.00
Sunday June 5 - 10.00-13.00 & 16.00-18.00

Monday June 6 - 10.00-11.00

• Access to food vendors beside The Camp. 

• Access to mobile charging (20 SEK)
• Access to seperate car parking (additional ticket needed)



Walking distance:

Festival area: 2-3 min
Nolia ishall (Showers / WC): 2-3 min
Cup area: 15 min with bus line 1 towards Östra Ersboda

Umeå City: 10 min

Reserved car parking: 5 min
Grocery store: (ICA Hedlunda/Rödäng): 5-10 min



Caravan / RV / Car parking:

We have a couple of reserved parking lots for caravans/RVs at The Camp Caravan beside the curling arena (BRO&TAK Arena). You find tickets to The Camp Caravan on the ticket page. All residents in the caravan/RV must also have a The Camp tickets. Each spot are 5 x 8 metres. There are no electricity available. This area is only for caravans and RVs, not just car parking. 


Rules for The Camp

• No guests without The Camp wristbands are allowed at The Camp. Each The Camp visitor has to have a wristband. You pay for a person, not for a tent.

• The Camp wristband can only be bought to The Camp guests.

• No music during the night after the festival (after midnight).

• Portable toilets and water are available at The Camp.

• You have to be at least 15 years old. ID check at the entrance.

• You can pitch you tent where you like at The Camp all though we reserve the right to move you if we need for some reason.

• Fire ban. No grills.

• No spray cans / hairs pray due to fire risk.

• No furniture are allowed.

• No music amplifiers connected to car batteries / generators.

• Just tents, no caravans or RVs at The Camp (they shalll be at The Camp Caravan)

• Party tents äre ok if there is room.

• No pets.

• Throw trash in trash cans or litter bags. Thank you! Alll guests recieves a litter bag when they check in.

• We are not responsible for stolen items. Found items will be handed to The Camp entrance and thereafter to the police in Umeå.

• No knives, pepper spray, drugs.

• If you don't follow the rules and obey our staff, you will be thrown out and have your festival wristband removed.

• Have FUN!


Make The Camp stay easier by renting ready-made tents from FestiTent. There are tents for a maximum of 2 people or a maximum of 4 people. All residents of The Camp must also purchase their own The Camp ticket.

The following is included in a FestiTent ticket:

• Ready-made tent at The Camp that you rent during Brännbollsyran 2022

• Free mobile charging for residents of Festitent

• Sleeping bag, pillow and sleeping pad are NOT included

• The Camp ticket is not included but must be purchased

FestiTent for max 2 people

FestiTent for max 4 people

This is how FestiTent works:


Buy your ticket to The Camp at the ticket page: