The cup for high school students

Youth Cup

For Brännbollsyran 2022 it's the premiere of the new Youth Cup. It's the cup for you born 2003 to 2008. Gather your class, your group of friends or your football team and challenge the other youth teams to be the best young team in the world in Brännboll. You win the title as winner of the Youth Cup, SEK 5,000 and a place in the 32-part final of the playoffs for Brännbollsyran. Note that you can participate in both the regular cup and the Youth Cup (in the event of a collision in the playoffs, you must choose one of the teams).

What applies to the Youth Cup is:

* The team must consist of 8-12 players and all must be born between 2003 and 2008.

* The team must include at least three girls and three boys

* NOTE: No information about the players in the team needs to be reported when registering. Only information regarding the team captain / the person who reports the team is needed. You will then be contacted by Brännbollsyran to complete your registration.  

* To register the team costs nothing, but anyone who is going to players who do not visit the festival will buy a Player Pass Youth. Player Pass Youth costs ISK 250. If you go to the festival, this player fee is included in the ticket.  Everyone in the team must therefore have a festival pass (GA, Premium, Youth Pass) or Player Pass to be allowed to play and present a valid bracelet at each match.


* The group game is played on Friday 3 June 09.00-12.00. The group game takes a total of about 3 hours where your team plays three matches and rests for three matches. The best team goes on to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played on Friday 3 16.00-18.00.